About Me

My name is Ruth Hine. I live in Penarth in South Wales – a lovely small town just outside Cardiff known as “The Garden By The Sea”. I live here with my husband and my two dogs, Albert (a Chocolate Labrador) and Daisy (a rescue Golden Retriever.)
Before moving to Penarth I had a career as a Criminal Barrister in the UK Civil Service. I also had a parallel career as a stand-up comedian! It is amazing how many times the two careers overlapped!
However, after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011 and moving to South Wales I finally had to take early retirement in 2015.
Since retiring, I have been able to concentrate upon my many hobbies and obsessions – from Crafts to Politics (Oh look! There’s that overlap with Comedy again!)
In particular, I am obsessed with creating beautiful fused glass work (which I am beginning to sell on my Etsy store). I have a small studio, with kiln, set up in my spare room where I can play and create
lovely things in glass – at least I hope they are lovely.
I’m hoping that this Blog will be a useful and entertaining combination of all of my varied obsessions
and that it will, at least, give you the occasional chuckle.
Ruth XXX

(and woofs and wags from Bert and Daisy too!!!!!!!